I sometimes build simple apps.

Facebook FlightBot

Get real-time flight status and alerts.



Alexa Stocks

Get real-time stock quotes from Echo.

Alexa Skill Kit, Yahoo Finance, Amazon Lambda

Alexa, what is the stock price of Google?

Stock price for "Alphabet Inc." is $776.60. Up $14.09 or 1.83%.
Alexa, How is market doing today?

"Dow Jones Industrial Ave" is Up $2.0 or 1.13%.

"NASDAQ Composite" is Up $66.95 or 1.32%.

"S&P 500"$2078.36. Up $21.86 or 1.06%.

Slack Stocks

Get real-time stock quotes right in Slack

Slack API, Yahoo Finance, Amazon Lambda

By stock symbol

By stock or company name


Location Snapshot

Get a visual snapshot of any location with key insights and ratings from food, nightlife, transit, safety, school, and more

Data from US Census, Yelp, Zillow, Google.